Waterlife African GH Conditioner
Waterlife African GH Conditioner

Waterlife African GH Conditioner

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African gH Conditioner

Our phosphate-free African gH Conditioner will provide your fish with the salts and minerals they need to thrive in your aquarium. 

Tap water is depleted of many minerals that African Cichlids require to colour, breed and fight off disease. 

By adding Waterlife African GH Conditioner to your tank environment your fish will be less stressed, more vibrant and healthier. 


Use 1 teaspoon (5gm) for 10L of water, when setting up your tank, or when adding new water

  • This raises your gH to approx. 12dGH.

For Tanganyikan cichlids, use 1 heaped teaspoon (9gm) for 10L of water. 

  • This raises your gH to approx. 19dGH.

Adding salts to your aquarium isn’t rocket science, but it is one of the most critical elements of caring for your Cichlids. 

Our African gH Conditioner is an easy to use conditioner designed to supply essential minerals and salts to your aquarium. Your fish will thank you with brighter colours, less stress and greater health.

In addition to adding salts to regular tap water Waterlife gH Conditioner will help to stabilise your pH levels, meaning your tank will not have the uncontrolled fluctuations in acidity levels. This is key for any aquarist looking to breed fish or improve the colour of their Cichlids in a safe and mess-free way. 

At Waterlife we strive to make fuss free conditioners to help you replicate the natural environments for your fish. We’ve been passionate about fish for 40+ years and have leading industry experience when it comes to knowing aquarium conditioners.