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Choosing the right fish

We are here to help: 

If you have any concerns purchasing fish online, or would like more information about the specific fish we have please call or email us. Our team is happy to help with recommendations, and provide info about the exact fish you are after. 

Choosing your fish:

Whilst we make the best effort to choose out the exact fish that you want we cannot guarantee that the sex, colour or size of your fish will exactly match it’s description or image online. Whilst some fish can be easier to sex, the complexity of this does mean that we can’t guarantee the sex of our fish. 

Online images are for reference only, and should you want to see images of the fish we currently have in our tanks feel free to reach our team. 

Please note that after transit your fish will not likely show its true colours, and after acclimatising to your tank you should see this colour return to normal.