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Tropical Red Mico Colour Sticks 80g

Tropical Red Mico Colour Sticks 80g

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Introducing RED MICO COLOR STICKS – Exceptional Extruded Reminiscent Food for Your Aquarium!

Key Features:

  1. High-Protein Super-Rich Formula: RED MICO COLOR STICKS boast a high-protein, super-rich composition, providing essential nutrition for the optimal health and vitality of your fish.

  2. Astaxanthin and Red Pepper Extract for Vibrant Colors: Enriched with astaxanthin and red pepper extract, this specialized formula enhances the natural colors of your fish. Enjoy vibrant hues and eye-catching brilliance in your aquarium.

  3. Chirp-Inspired Floating Sticks: The sticks are uniquely designed to resemble the shape of live "Red mosquito larva," known as a chirp. This not only mimics the appearance of live food but also encourages fish to feed, creating a more engaging and natural feeding experience.

  4. Suitable for Various Water Environments: Tailored for omnivorous and carnivorous fish in fresh, marine, and brackish waters, these sticks are versatile and cater to a wide range of aquatic inhabitants.

  5. Motion-Mimicking Behavior: With the right water flow from the filter, these sticks come to life by floating and moving, imitating the behavior of live prey. This motion stimulates your fish to actively feed and adds a dynamic element to your aquarium.

  6. Immunostimulant and Vitamin Boost: The inclusion of natural immunostimulant beta-glucan and stabilized vitamin C enhances fish resistance to diseases. This ensures that your fish not only look great but also stay healthy and robust.

  7. Promotes Even Growth and Intense Color: Regular use of RED MICO COLOR STICKS contributes to even growth, excellent overall condition, and the development of intense and captivating colors in your fish.