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Trident Java Fern

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Microsorum pteropus, commonly known as Java Fern, hails from Asia. Microsorum pteropus 'Trident' is a variant with narrow leaves, presenting a smaller form compared to other Microsorum species. This fern, like others in its genus, is recognized for its ease of care and adaptability. 'Trident' is well-suited for both novice aquarium enthusiasts and experienced aquascapers, making it a versatile choice for tanks of varying sizes.

The name 'Trident' denotes the plant's tripartite or three-pronged leaves. The leaves may range from whole to multipartite. This Java Fern variation is suitable for planting on stones or tree roots. When planting it in the substrate, it's important not to cover the horizontal stalk to prevent rotting.

New plants often sprout from the leaf tips, and these can be gently separated and planted as individual specimens. Whether used in smaller or larger aquariums, 'Trident' adds an aesthetic touch to underwater landscapes. Its undemanding nature makes it an excellent option for those new to aquarium keeping or seasoned aquarists alike.