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Saratoga Queensland

Saratoga Queensland

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Australian Arrowana

Scientific Name: Saratoga leichardti

Species – Saratoga 

Common Name: Australian Arrowana

Origin:  Northern NT, QLD

Diet: Omnivorous

PH Range: 5.8 – 9  

Temperature: Tropical and Coldwater 

Melbourne Tropical Fish will be receiving some beautiful Queensland Saratoga in the first week of the new year. Stocks are limited the fish need to be pre-ordered. The Queensland Saratoga is a beautiful fish and is perfectly legal to have in Victoria. The Queensland Saratoga otherwise known as the Saratoga leichardti has a silver coloured body, and lacks pattern on its gill covers. Saratoga require a decent large sized aquarium and lot of space to grow and thrive. This interesting fish will usually inhabit the upper region of the aquarium. They are very flighty fish but will mature settle down as they get accustomed to their surroundings. It is very important that a secure tight aquarium lid is placed on the tank because Saratoga are likely to jump.
Excellent filtration is a must and regular water changes and filter maintenance is warranted. Saratoga are sensitive to water pollutants and the water quality has to remain excellent and be maintained to a high standard.

This fish is challenging to keep and it is recommended that the Saratoga be kept in a solitary aquarium with a secure lid. In its natural habitat, the Saratoga will consume

terrestrial insects, small fish, crustaceans and frogs as a part of its diet. As a responsible aquarist it is important to feed your Saratoga a wide variety of foods in order to replicate their dietary requirements in the wild. In the aquarium, they will eat crickets, mealworms, live fish, Frozen Bloodworms Frozen Brine Shrimp and floating pellets. Melbourne Tropical Fish staff will be able to advise you on the dietary requirements and further recommended food.

It is important to note that the Saratoga is solitary fish and will display aggression towards other members of their own species. They can however be kept with large strong species that can hold their own. We recommend however that you have the Saratoga in a solitary tank. Any fish that is and sufficiently big enough to fit into the Saratoga’s mouth will be promptly eaten up by this fish.


·       Species – Saratoga

·       Common Name – Australian Arrowana

·       Origin – Northern NT, QLD

·       Diet – Omnivorous

·       PH Range – 5.8 – 9

·       Temperature – Tropical and Coldwater 11°c – 34°c

·       Breed Type – Egg Scatterer

·       Current Size – approximately 5cm (Grows to approximately 100cm)

·       Sex – Un-sexed