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Rosy Barb Male

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The male Rosy Barb (Pethia conchonius) is a vibrant and attractive freshwater fish popular among aquarium enthusiasts. This species is distinguished by its shimmering, rosy-pink body, which becomes especially vivid and intense in colour during the breeding season. The male is typically more brightly coloured than the female, displaying shades of red and orange with a distinct metallic sheen. Rosy barbs are relatively hardy aquarium fish, making them suitable for both novice and experienced aquarists. They thrive in well-planted tanks with ample swimming space and are known for their peaceful nature, although they may become mildly territorial during spawning.

If you are looking for a hardy fish that is resilient and tolerant of a range of water conditions, you cannot go past this fish. The male rosy barbs can be safely kept in both heated and unheated aquariums. They can also be kept in gold fish aquariums in cold water conditions indoors. A school of male Rosy Barbs will certainly brighten up and enhance any aquarium. It is recommended to have a school of minimum of 6 Rosy Barbs as when they are in a group, they are less likely to bother other fish. The Male Rosy Barbs are beautiful fish and come highly recommended by Melbourne Tropical Fish.