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Rose Red Discus 10cm

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Meet the Rose Red Discus – a beautiful fish that's around 10cm, or about 4 inches long. These discus are known for their stunning rose-red colors, bringing elegance to your aquarium. With their round bodies and flowing fins, they gracefully swim through the water, creating a captivating sight.

Taking care of Rose Red Discus involves keeping their tank clean and providing them with a steady environment. They do well in various setups, from community tanks to those dedicated to discus. Even if you're new to keeping discus, the Rose Red variety is a good choice due to their manageable size and calm behavior.

To keep them healthy and show off their vibrant colors, it's best to feed them a good diet, including discus pellets and occasional treats like frozen or live foods. By creating a comfortable space with suitable tank mates, you'll allow the Rose Red Discus to display their captivating beauty in your aquarium.