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PetWorx 4 ft tank (220L) & Cabinet

PetWorx 4 ft tank (220L) & Cabinet

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The Pet-Worx 4 ft tank with cabinet  EA11 EC 11 is a great home for your fish and offers exceptioanl value for money.

Here's what you get:

Tank Size: The tank is 4 foot aquarium and holds 220 liters of water, giving your fish plenty of space to thrive.

Cabinet: It comes with a beautiful cabinet. You can use it to store fish food and other aquarium stuff.

Design: Both the tank and cabinet look modern and fit well with your room's style and is aesthetically pleasing.

Material: The tank is made from strong and good-quality materials to keep your fish safe.

Setup: The tank and cabinet are meant to be used together, creating a nice setup for your fish.

Compatibility: You can use this tank for different types of fish, whether they live in freshwater or saltwater.

Assembly: Putting everything together should be easy, but make sure to follow the instructions to do it right.

Before you buy, check the details like size and any extra features the Pet-Worx tank and cabinet offer. This setup can make a great home for your fish while adding a stylish touch to your place.

This product is only availble via pick up option from our aquarium store Melbourne Tropical Fish in Dandenong.