Peppermint Catfish
Peppermint Catfish
Peppermint Catfish

Peppermint Catfish

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The peppermint catfish is certainly a favouritie of all the staff at Melbourne Tropical Fish.


Peppermints are the most attractive and desired catfish from the bristlenose family. The bristlenose catfish are tank cleaners that you will find in just about any aquarium, they do a fantastic job of eating left over food and keeping algae under control.

The Peppermint Bristlenose Catfish is quite flexible in its water requirements. It can live in water ranging from soft to hard, with a Gh range of from 2 to 20. Acid, neutral or alkaline pH all seem OK, although I would not subject this fish to extremes.

Although this is a tropical fish, it is not very tolerant of high temperatures. The generally recommended temperature range is from 23 to 27 degrees C (73 to 81 degrees F).

  • Ancistrus sp.
  • Common Name Peppermint Bristlenose
  • Origin South America
  • Diet  Herbivore
  • PH Range 7.8
  • Temperature  Tropical 26m 28ðc
  • Breed Type Egg Layer
  • Current Size  approximately 3cm (Grows to approximately 12cm
  • Sex ÃUn-sexed