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Panda Cory Longfin

Panda Cory Longfin

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The panda cory, also known as the panda catfish, is a delightful South American species of catfish that exhibits a striking black and off-white coloration pattern reminiscent of a giant panda. Let’s dive into more details about this charming aquatic creature:

  1. Characteristics:

    • Scientific Name: Corydoras panda
    • Adult Size: Approximately 2 inches (5 cm)
    • Life Expectancy: Up to 10 years
    • Social Behavior: Peaceful and enjoys schooling
    • Tank Level: Bottom-dwelling
    • Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons
    • Diet: Omnivorous
    • Breeding: Egglayer
    • Care Level: Intermediate
  2. Origin and Distribution:

    • The panda cory hails from Peru, specifically the Ucayali river system, which serves as the main headwater of the Amazon River.
    • It was first collected by H.R. Richards in 1968 but wasn’t officially named until three years later when it received the moniker Corydoras panda by Nijssen and Isbrücker.
    • The name pays homage to the giant panda of China, which shares a similar black-and-white coloration pattern around its eyes and extremities.
    • The panda cory thrives in blackwater conditions, characterized by acidic and soft water with minimal mineral content.
    • These catfish prefer slightly cooler temperatures, typically ranging from the mid to low 70s Fahrenheit (20 to 25°C).
  3. Colors and Markings:

    • The panda cory’s body is off-white to faint pink, adorned with three prominent deep black markings:
      • The first covers the head and eyes, resembling the giant panda’s eye markings.
      • The second spans the dorsal fin.
      • The third spot is at the base of the tail (caudal peduncle).
    • There are two morphs based on the size of the tail spot: the big-spot and small-spot variants.
  4. Unique Features:

    • Instead of traditional scales, panda corys have two rows of overlapping bony plates called scutes.
    • They possess three sets of paired barbels and sharp barbs for defense.

These delightful catfish make excellent additions to smaller freshwater aquariums, adding a touch of panda-like charm to your aquatic world!