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Otohime - Baby Fry Fish feed

Otohime - Baby Fry Fish feed

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Otohime Baby Fry Fish Feed 110g


If you want to see exponential growth in your baby fish fry, Otohime Baby Fry Feed is the ultimate choice.

Otohime Fish Feed is manufactured in Japan and is of the highest quality being the natural choice of breeders world wide.

Premium Granulated Hatchery Diet

This is a pemium Japanese manufactured hatchery diet. It is currently recognised as one of the world’s best larval finfish diets.

  • Balanced Diet ideally suited to virtually any fin fish species
  • Amazing Cleanliness with high shape retention in water
  • Contains a high percentage of Quality Krill Meal for better colour enhancement of fish larvae and higher attractiveness
Shape Size Crude Protein % MIN
Granule 580 – 840 µm 51.0