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L471 is a common identification number used in the aquarium hobby to refer to a specific species of pleco, a type of freshwater catfish. The L471 pleco is scientifically known as Pseudacanthicus sp. L471 or Pseudacanthicus leopardus.

Pseudacanthicus leopardus is a large and striking catfish species native to the Amazon River basin in South America. It is commonly referred to as the "Leopard Cactus Pleco" due to its beautiful leopard-like spots on its body. This species is highly sought after by aquarium enthusiasts due to its unique appearance and impressive size.

In terms of care, L471 plecos require a spacious aquarium with plenty of hiding spots such as caves, driftwood, and rocks. They are primarily carnivorous and should be fed a diet rich in high-quality protein, such as meaty foods and sinking pellets. The water parameters should be kept stable, with a pH around neutral and a temperature between 75 to 82°F (24 to 28°C).

It's important to note that L471 plecos can grow quite large, reaching lengths of up to 12 inches (30 cm) or more. As such, they require a large aquarium with adequate filtration and regular maintenance to ensure their well-being. Additionally, they may display territorial behavior, so it's best to keep them with compatible tankmates that can handle their size and aggression.

Overall, the L471 pleco, or Pseudacanthicus leopardus, is a fascinating and visually appealing catfish species that requires specific care and conditions to thrive in the aquarium environment.