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L007 Vampire Pleco

L007 Vampire Pleco

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L007 Vampire Pleco - Limited Stock 3cm - Exceptional Quality


Limited Stock


L007 Vampire Pleco 


The Vampire Pleco originates from Brazil, these fish listed for sale are bred by a local breeder in Australia,


This species grows to a 25cm and will require a large aquarium with soft, acidic water. The water should be well-filtered and a decent current should be provided to simulate their home environment.


They are an omnivorous species so should be fed a diet of foodstuffs including sinking catfish pellets/tablets/algae wafers and frozen foods such as bloodworm, white mosquito larvae, spirulina-enriched brineshrimp, Mysis shrimp, chopped krill etc, as well as a good proportion of vegetable matter.


Scientific Name


Leporacanthicus cf galaxias




Maximum Size

Up to 25cm.


Water Quality


Tolerates a wide range of water conditions and easy to look after.


Temperature: 22°C — 26°C


pH: 5.6 — 7.0


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