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Koi Angel 7cm

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Meet the Koi Red Cap Angelfish, a beautiful addition to your freshwater aquarium. These fish, resembling Japanese Koi, have striking colors like white, orange, red, and black, with a standout red to orange cap.

Key Features:

  • They grow up to 15cm.
  • Live for 10-12 years.
  • Lay eggs and need intermediate care.

Best Tank Size: They need a big tank, at least 75L, especially if you have a group. Taller tanks are better as these fish like to swim up and down.

Tank Buddies: Angelfish get along with others, but avoid fast swimmers or fin-nippers. Good companions are other angelfish, mollies, plecos, dwarf gouramis, rainbowfish, and corydoras.

Diet: They eat anything - flakes, pellets, live, frozen, or freeze-dried food like blackworms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia.

Tank Setup:

  • Filtration: Use a gentle filter from brands like Eheim, Fluval, Oase, Ocean Free, or Aqua One.
  • Heating: Keep the water warm (24-29°C) with a heater and thermometer.
  • Plants: Add Amazon Swords, Anubias, Vallisneria, and Crypts. Check out live plants for a green tank.
  • Decorations: Include driftwood, resin ornaments, rocks, and silk plants. Explore our range of tank decorations.
  • Lighting: 8-10 hours of light daily, and make sure they have shaded spots.

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