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Gold Laser Cory

Gold Laser Cory

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Gold Laset Cory are now in stock at Melbourne Tropical Fish


Gold Laser Cory, scientifically known as Corydoras aeneus "Gold Laser," is a captivating freshwater fish with striking golden coloration and distinctive laser-like markings on its body. Originating from the Amazon River basin in South America, this species is highly popular among aquarists due to its peaceful nature and ease of care.

In their natural habitat, Gold Laser Corys can be found in slow-moving rivers, streams, and flooded areas with sandy or gravelly bottoms. They are known to dwell in areas with dense vegetation, often congregating in large groups for safety and social interaction.

To create an ideal environment for Gold Laser Corys in an aquarium, it is recommended to replicate their natural habitat as closely as possible. Provide a tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons, as these fish appreciate ample swimming space. The substrate should consist of fine sand or rounded gravel to prevent any damage to their delicate barbels.

Water conditions should be kept within a temperature range of 72-79°F (22-26°C) and a pH level of 6.0-7.5. It is important to maintain excellent water quality by utilizing a filtration system and performing regular partial water changes. Gold Laser Corys appreciate a moderate flow in the aquarium, but it should not be too strong to exhaust them.

Breeding Gold Laser Corys can be achieved in a well-maintained aquarium. They are egg layers and exhibit typical behaviors during courtship and spawning. To encourage breeding, provide a separate breeding tank with slightly warmer water (around 80°F or 27°C) and introduce a flat surface, such as a slate or broad leaf, for the female to deposit her eggs. The male will then fertilize the eggs, and both parents should be promptly removed to prevent them from consuming the eggs. The eggs will hatch in around 3-5 days, and the fry can be fed with powdered or liquid fry food until they are large enough to consume crushed flakes or small pellets.




Overall, Gold Laser Corys are delightful additions to community aquariums, as they are peaceful, attractive, and contribute to a lively and engaging underwater environment.