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Gold Diamond Angel 7cm

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Meet the Diamond Pearlscale Koi Angelfish – a unique fish with stunning color patterns that sparkle like diamonds. It's not your typical cichlid; this one is more peaceful and has a slim, tall body.

To keep your Diamond Pearlscale happy, set up a tank with lots of plants, driftwood, and gentle water flow. They like hiding in the plants but might not fancy rock caves much. They get a bit territorial during spawning, so keep an eye on that. Just be cautious about pairing them with small, delicate creatures – they might not get along well. Larger shrimp and snails can be good tankmates if your aquarium is big enough.

Feeding is a breeze for these easygoing fish. They'll happily munch on high-quality dry, frozen, or live foods. Just make sure to give them a varied diet to keep them healthy and looking their best.