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Dymax Cichlid Floating Pellet 120g

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Dymax Cichlid Floating Pellet 120g Overview:

Description: Dymax Cichlid Floating Pellets are specially formulated to meet the dietary requirements of cichlid fish. These floating pellets provide a balanced and nutritionally complete diet for vibrant colors, healthy growth, and overall well-being of cichlids. The pellets are designed to float, making it easier for cichlids to feed at the water's surface, mimicking their natural feeding behavior.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized Formula: Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cichlid fish.
  2. Vibrant Colors: Contains ingredients to enhance and maintain vibrant colors.
  3. Healthy Growth: Provides essential nutrients for the healthy growth of cichlids.
  4. Floating Pellets: Designed to float, allowing cichlids to feed at the water's surface.
  5. Complete Diet: A balanced diet that supports overall well-being.

Directions for Use:

  • Feed 2-3 times daily, only an amount that cichlids can consume in a few minutes.
  • Adjust the quantity based on the size and number of fish in the aquarium.
  • Remove any uneaten pellets to maintain water quality.

Package Size:

  • 120g