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Co2 Art Aqua Beat Co2 Drop Checker Kit

Co2 Art Aqua Beat Co2 Drop Checker Kit

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CO2Art Drop Checker Kit - Professional CO2 Monitoring Made Easy

The CO2Art Drop Checker Kit is the ultimate solution for professionals who seek reliable and accurate monitoring of CO2 levels in their aquariums. Crafted from high-quality glass, this kit ensures maximum reliability and durability.

What's included in this kit?

  • 15ml Drop Checker Solution: No need for mixing or preparation. This specially formulated solution is ready to use, making your CO2 monitoring hassle-free.

  • Suction Cup: Conveniently supplied with a suction cup for easy and secure placement within your aquarium.

With an outside diameter of 3cm and a height of 5.5cm, the Drop Checker is a compact and original glassware product. Its purpose is to indicate the amount of CO2 dissolved in the aquarium water by showcasing a color change in the pH reagent inside. This ingenious design helps you understand and maintain the optimal CO2 supply for your aquatic environment.

Key Features:

  1. Professional-Grade: Specifically designed for professionals who demand precision in CO2 monitoring.
  2. Durable Glass Construction: Crafted from high-quality glass for long-lasting reliability.
  3. Complete Kit: Comes with everything you need to start monitoring CO2 levels effectively.
  4. No Mixing Required: The 15ml Drop Checker Solution is pre-made, saving you time and effort.

Upgrade your CO2 monitoring game with the CO2Art Drop Checker Kit, the essential tool for maintaining the perfect CO2 balance in your aquarium.