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Chihiros SLIM WRGB II 120cm LED Light with Bluetooth

Chihiros SLIM WRGB II 120cm LED Light with Bluetooth

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Upgrade your planted aquarium with the Chihiros SLIM WRGB II 120cm LED Light, offering a perfect blend of control, advanced technology, and vibrant spectrum. Positioned between the Classic series and the WRGB II Series, this slim version provides Bluetooth functionality with a slightly reduced brightness output, making it an optimal lighting solution for thriving plants.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Control with Bluetooth: The Chihiros Slim WRGB II Light comes with advanced Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to effortlessly control and customize your lighting preferences using a convenient app. Set it and forget it with user-friendly control.

  2. Ideal for Planted Aquariums: Specifically designed for planted aquariums, this LED light provides an advanced lighting system and spectrum essential for the health and flourishing of your aquatic plants.

  3. Vivid Color Enhancement: The WRGB feature enhances the Red, Blue, and Green channels, making colors, especially those of your fish, vivid and eye-catching.

  4. Advanced LED Technology: Benefit from cutting-edge LED technology that ensures efficiency and longevity. The Chihiros Slim WRGB II Light is designed to provide lasting performance, with a luminous flux of 4800lm.

  5. Easy Installation: The light is designed for easy installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process for both novice and experienced aquarium enthusiasts.

  6. Versatile Color Temperature: The light offers a versatile color temperature with White + RGB 3 in 1, providing a universal and appealing lighting effect.

  7. Mounting Options: The Chihiros Slim lights come with side legs, as seen in the product image. Additionally, a hanging kit for the Chihiros WRGB II Slim is available, offering flexibility in mounting options to suit your aquarium setup.

  8. Long-lasting Operation: With a lifespan of up to 50 thousand hours, the Chihiros SLIM WRGB II Light provides enduring illumination for your aquarium.

Upgrade your aquarium's lighting to the next level with the Chihiros SLIM WRGB II 120cm LED Light, where functionality meets aesthetics for a thriving aquatic environment.