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Chihiros CII Base Stand for C2 Normal LED - Stable Support for Your Aquarium Light

Make your Chihiros C2 Normal LED even better with the Chihiros CII Base Stand. This stand provides sturdy support, improving the overall look and stability of your aquarium lighting system.

Key Features:

  • Color: Stylish black color that blends well with your Chihiros C2 Normal LED and suits various aquarium styles.

  • Dimensions: Compact and space-saving, measuring 24cm in length, 17.8cm in width, and 17cm in height, ensuring a perfect fit for your lighting system.

  • Components Included:

    • 1 x Base: Gives a solid foundation for your Chihiros C2 Normal LED.
    • 1 x O'ring: Adds stability and helps secure the lighting setup.
    • 1 x Extension Stand: Lifts and supports the Chihiros C2 Normal LED to the right height.
    • 1 x Washer: Assists in securing the components, ensuring a reliable installation.
  • Chihiros C2 LED Compatibility: Specifically designed for Chihiros C2 Normal LED. Please note that the Chihiros C2 LED itself is not part of this package.

  • Easy Installation: Set up your Chihiros C2 Normal LED effortlessly with the provided components. Ensure a stable and secure lighting system for your aquarium.

Improve both the functionality and appearance of your Chihiros C2 Normal LED with the Chihiros CII Base Stand. Create a visually pleasing and well-supported lighting setup for your aquarium.