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Chihiros A Series II 90cm LED Light with Bluetooth

Chihiros A Series II 90cm LED Light with Bluetooth

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Chihiros A II Series LED Lights - Perfect for Lively Freshwater Aquariums

Upgrade your planted freshwater aquarium with the Chihiros A II Series LED Lights, designed specifically for densely planted tanks. These lights not only enhance the beauty of your aquatic environment but also promote optimal conditions for plant growth.

Key Features:

  1. Full Spectrum Lighting: The A II series LED lights cover a wide range of colors, focusing on red and blue spectrums crucial for plant growth, while maintaining the natural look with green and yellow rays.

  2. Color Temperature & Arrangement: Each LED has a color temperature of around 8,000 Kelvin and is arranged strategically in three rows, ensuring even and shadow-free illumination across your aquarium.

  3. Built-in Bluetooth Convenience: Enjoy the simplicity of a built-in Bluetooth controller. Unlike the A series, there's no need for an external device to adjust the spectrum. Easily control the timer, light intensity, and more through the "My Chihiros App."

  4. Sleek and Compact Design: With a slim width of 6.7cm (2.64in) and a low height of 1cm (0.39in), these lights focus on showcasing your plants and livestock. The transparent acrylic holder adds a touch of elegance, eliminating metal brackets and legs.

  5. Adjustable and Versatile: The A II series allows easy adjustment with a swivel feature, providing flexibility to illuminate your aquarium in any direction.

  6. Ideal for Dense Plant Growth: Specifically crafted for densely planted aquariums, these lights support vibrant and healthy freshwater plants.

  7. User-Friendly Control: The "My Chihiros App" lets you effortlessly program and customize your lighting preferences, offering a seamless and personalized experience.

  8. Acrylic Holder for Easy Adjustment: The lights come with a transparent acrylic holder, ensuring not only easy adjustment but also acting as an indirect heat sink.

  9. Reliable Power Supply: The Chihiros A II Series LED Lights come with a dependable power supply, offering extra protection for your aquarium setup.

Illuminate your freshwater aquarium with the Chihiros A II Series LED Lights, combining functionality and elegance for a stunning aquatic display.