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Bolbitis heudelotii, named after the botanical explorer Jean-Pierre Heudelot, is an aquatic fern that grows submerged in rivers and streams, attaching itself to rocks or wood through threadlike rootlets extending from its rhizomes. The plant features dark green, pinnate leaves that are 15–40 cm long and 15–25 cm wide. In its natural habitat, this fern thrives in fast-moving water with sandy or rocky bottoms, which is clean, not very hard, and slightly acidic.

For cultivation in aquariums, B. heudelotii prefers water temperatures ranging from 20–28 °C and moderately acidic to neutral water with a pH between 5.0–7.0. It can tolerate various light levels but thrives best in flowing water. Often used as a midground specimen in tropical freshwater aquariums, this plant can be propagated through divisions and cuttings from the rhizome.

It is essential to avoid crowding and fish excreta, and the plant grows better when attached to a piece of wood rather than planted directly in the substrate. Additional CO2 can enhance its growth, and it prefers a somewhat shady position. Propagation is typically slow, and division of the rhizome is the recommended method.