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Black Calvus

Black Calvus

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The Black Calvus, scientifically known as Altolamprologus calvus, is a cichlid species originating from Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. Cichlids are renowned for their diverse colours, behaviours, and habitat preferences, and the Black Calvus is a notable example.

Appearance-wise, the Black Calvus possesses a compact, round body with a slightly curved back. Its distinctive feature is its large, pronounced head, which sets it apart. Typically, the Black Calvus sports a dark black or brown body colour with intricate speckles or spots.

In terms of behaviour, these fish exhibit territorial tendencies and can display aggression, particularly during breeding and territory defence. They often form small groups or colonies within their native habitat.

Their natural habitat is Lake Tanganyika, a vast and ancient freshwater lake known for its diverse cichlid population. The Black Calvus is commonly found along rocky shorelines and in areas with underwater caves and crevices, which provide both shelter and territory-establishing opportunities.

Black Calvus are carnivorous, with their diet mainly consisting of small aquatic invertebrates and fish in the wild. In captivity, they can be fed high-quality pellets, flakes, and frozen foods designed for carnivorous species.

When it comes to breeding, Black Calvus are maternal mouthbrooders. This means the female carries fertilized eggs in her mouth until they hatch and the fry (young fish) are capable of swimming independently. This behaviour offers protection to the vulnerable fry against predators.

Caring for Black Calvus in an aquarium requires careful attention to water conditions, tank size, and suitable tank companions. A well-adorned tank with hiding spots in the form of rocks, caves, and other structures mimicking their natural habitat is preferred.

When selecting tank mates, compatibility in terms of size, behaviour, and water preferences is essential. Certain other Lake Tanganyika cichlids or African cichlids might make suitable companions.

Thorough research and understanding of the species' requirements are crucial before keeping Black Calvus in a home aquarium. This ensures the well-being and health of these intriguing and unique fish