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Otohime Fish Food

Otohime Fish Food

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Otohime Japanese Fish Food 110g

Excellent for Discus, Tropical Fish, African Cichlids

If you haven’t heard about Otohime Fish Feeds, it is one of the BEST fish feeds in the world and is big in Japan. Unlike many other fish foods which are designed for freshwater fish and have added ingredients for marine fish, Otohime is a next generation feed from Byokyowa designed from the ground up to feed marine fish. Another aspect which makes the feed unique is that in addition to using the highest quality ingredients, the food is specially processed at low temperatures to preserve a maximum of nutrition. And of course, Otohime does not contain any preservatives such as ethoxyquin which is prevalent in mainstream pet and fish foods. Otohime is available in a range of sizes which adjust formulation with size to meet the needs of larviculture, young growing fish all the way through adolescent and adult fish.

Nutritional Breakdown:

  • Crude Protein (53%): Promotes muscle development and overall growth.
  • Crude Fat (8%): Provides essential energy for metabolic processes.
  • Crude Fibre (3%): Supports healthy digestion in fish.
  • Ash (16%): Enriched with vital minerals for overall fish health.
  • Calcium (2.3%) and Phosphate (2.7%): Essential for bone formation and physiological functions.
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, etc. (15%): A comprehensive blend of micronutrients for optimal health.

Key Benefits:

  1. Optimized Larval Health: Ensures the vitality and well-being of developing larvae.
  2. Reduced Mortalities: Minimizes the risk of losses, contributing to sustainable aquaculture.
  3. Improved Growth Rates: Enhances the growth trajectory of fingerlings and juveniles.
  4. Robust Immune Systems: Builds resilient immune responses in young fish.
  5. Vibrant Aquarium Fish: Enhances coloration and vitality in aquarium fish.

Versatile Sizing: From a tiny 250um for larval feeds to a substantial 10mm for growout diets, our range accommodates the diverse needs of fish at every stage of development.

Environmental Impact: Designed to have minimal effects on water quality, our feed promotes a healthy aquatic environment.