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Blue Bolt Shrimp

Blue Bolt Shrimp

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Blue Bolt Shrimp is an absoloutely stunning shrimp. The Blue Bolt shrimp is also a mysterious and fascinating species. While it is widely believed to be a mutant variant of the Taiwan Bee Shrimp, Caridina cantonensis, some aquarists believe it has an entirely distinct origin. Regardless of its origins, the Blue Bolt shrimp is a popular aquarium inhabitant due to its vibrant blue hue and energetic swim style.

Blue Bolt Shrimp Diet

The Blue Bolts shrimp are omnivorous, meaning they can eat a wide variety of food items in the tank. As scavengers in the wild, they will devour whatever food source is available. However, it's important to provide nutritious balanced meals for them and not to overfeed; allowing them to eat what they can within two to three hours is best. If you choose not to feed for one or two days, this does not harm your shrimp. In fact, such regular breaks can help clean out their system and keep the tank water in optimal condition. Melbourne Tropical Fish has an excellent range of Shrimp food that would help keep your Blue Bolt Shrimps active and healthy.

Blue Blot Shrimp tank requirements and substrate

The Blue Blot Shrimp is a very sensitive species and does not handle fluctuations in water quality. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for the shrimp, it is best to opt for an aquarium of at least 10 gallons (40 liters). A buffered substrate should also be used to maintain stable pH levels and filter out any hardness that may exist in the tank. Additionally, extreme water parameters should be avoided as this puts the shrimp at higher risk of harm. Maintaining correct water conditions is especially critical when breeding high grade Blue Blot Shrimp specimens

Shrimp Basic Parameters

Commonly known as the Canton shrimp, Caridina cf cantonensis are popular among aquarists because of their attractive colors and social behavior. They require an optimal tank size of 10 gallons (~40 liters) and medium difficulty to maintain. An adult Canton shrimp is able to grow up to approximately 2.5–3 cm (~1–1.25 inch). The recommended temperature for their tank should be between 21-24°C (~70-74°F), pH 5.8-6.5, GH 3-6, KH 0-4, and TDS 100-150ppm. Additionally, it is preferable to feed them a balance of both algae and omnivorous diet to ensure their long lifespan range from around 1-2 years.