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Tips For Adding New Fish To Your Aquarium

Tips For Adding New Fish To Your Aquarium

Moving fish into a new aquarium can put a lot of stress on fish and affect their health. Not only will your aquarium be completely unfamiliar to any new fish you add, but the water quality will likely be different than what it is used to. Subtle changes in water temperature, pH levels, and other factors make a significant difference in a fish’s life. To keep your fish safe and healthy, there are certain measures you should take when adding fish to a new aquarium tank. Here are some tips to help make the transition easier for you and your new fish.


Before Adding Fish

  • Speak with an expert at an aquarium store to make sure the aquarium fish species you are interested in adding will be compatible with your the species already inside your fish tank.
  • Ensure that your aquarium is big enough for the fish you are adding. Do your research to ensure the species will not outgrow the size of your tank.
  • Test the water quality before adding new fish — the chlorine level should be at zero, and your pH should match that of the fish shop where your new pet is coming from.
  • Ensure the new fish have plenty of places to hide inside the aquarium, such as plants, objects, and rocks.
  • Feed the fish in your aquarium before adding any new fish. Doing so will make them less aggressive.
  • Feed the fish in your aquarium before adding any new fish. This will make the existing fish less aggressive.


When Adding Fish

When adding your fish into the aquarium, follow these steps:

  1. Take the bag that your fish came in and float it on the surface of your aquarium’s water.
  2. Allow the bag to sit for ten minutes, then open the bag and add a cup of your aquarium’s water to it. Reseal the bag and let it float again for a few more minutes. Repeat this step until the bag is full of water.
  3. Use a net to transfer the fish from the bag into the aquarium. Make sure not to pour any water from the bag into the tank as this can affect water quality.

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