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The Importance of Aquarium Water Changes

The Importance of Aquarium Water Changes

One of the most important parts of aquarium maintenance is the changing of the water. Aquarium water changes are essential for optimal fish health as well as avoiding cloudy, toxic water. By removing dirty aquarium water from your fish tank and replacing it with clean and fresh water you are essentially diluting excess nutrients that can negatively impact your fish tank environment. It is important to always replenish trace elements that contribute to a healthy and beautiful underwater environment for your tank inhabitants.


The Importance of Aquarium Water Changes

Infrequent water changes can lead to a multitude of issues for your aquarium. Skipping water changes will not only lead to an unsightly, unpleasant, and odorous aquarium, but it can cause your fish and other marine inhabitants to develop issues. It is important to be conscious that changing your tank’s water can impact your aquariums chemistry and nutrient potential. Removing a portion of aquarium water also removes a portion of the nutrients and organics that are irritating your aquarium inhabitants, like phosphates and nitrate. When there are high levels of phosphates and nitrates, the inside of your tank will be susceptible to algae growth, plus the health and development of the fish will be affected.

When you are doing an aquarium water change, you are adding helpful elements to your aquarium as well. For example, a coral reef aquarium will require calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity to be within a specific range to maintain proper growth and coloration. meanwhile, corals are constantly utilizing and depleting these resources to stay alive. Use clean seawater or a quality saltwater aquarium mix, to replenish any vital components that were removed back to the appropriate levels.


How Often Do You Change The Water In Your Aquarium?

Regular aquarium water changes are essential in maintaining a healthy environment for your fish and other marine inhabitants. It is recommended to do small — about 20 percent of the tanks volume — consistent water changes once a week. Although it may be tempting to remove most of the water at once, with the impression that it will not need to be changed for another month or two, doing this can be very stressful for your fish and other marine inhabitants. Large water changes can negatively impact the aquarium’s chemistry and temperature. Instead, regular, small water changes will help keep the chemistry of your tank as stable as possible and the stress of the fish at a minimum.


Keeping the water in your aquarium fresh and clean is essential is keeping fish, invertebrates, and coral healthy and ensuring that you have a beautiful and healthy aquarium ecosystem.

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