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Introducing New Fish to Your Aquarium

Introducing New Fish to Your Aquarium

The first steps to introducing new fish to your aquarium is to ensure your tank is adequately set up, and you've chosen compatible fish for your aquarium.

Introducing new fish checklist

  • Are these fish compatible with the fish you have at home?
  • Are they suitable for your aquarium size and type?
  • Have you completely cycled your new tank?
  • Be patient and introduce only a few fish at a time, don’t overstock your tank (if your tank only has four to six fish, don't add in 12 new fish at once).



Moving aquarium for fish is one of the most stressful situations you can expose them to, so very careful handling and care is essential.

Ideally after getting new fish you should go straight home; fish should not sit in a sealed bag for any longer than two hours.

Avoid changes in temperature and exposure to bright lights or rough handling on the journey home. A chilly bin is great for transportation and heat retention, but isn't required.


When you get home:

  • Turn off your aquarium lights for the acclimatization process
  • Float the bag (sealed with the fish still in it) in the aquarium water for 15 - 20 minutes to help equalize the temperature of the water.
  • After another 15 - 20 mins undo the top of the bag and secure it to the side of your aquarium (use a peg, foldback clip or your aquarium lid) and be careful not to let the store aquarium water into your own tank
  • Add about a cup of your aquarium water into the bag to help introduce the fish to the pH of your aquarium and wait 10 minutes
  • Repeat this process twice more
  • Now carefully net the fish out of the bag and into the aquarium and dispose of the bag & store water
  • Remember – do not release the water in the bag into your tank
  • Do not feed your fish for a few hours after this process or if they are the only fish in your tank don’t feed them for 24 hours
  • Carefully observe their behavior for the first few hours to make sure that they are settled in and not being stressed by other fish


Special requirements

When choosing your new fish friends, it's important to keep in mind that not all fish species get along with each other, and many have different water requirements. There are a couple of species that have special requirements when it comes to introduction, therefore we recommend doing your research, and speak with the team at Melbourne Tropical Fish who can help you make the best decision for you and your aquarium.


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