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How to Beautify Your Aquarium With Decorations

How to Beautify Your Aquarium With Decorations

How to Create a Beautiful Aquarium

Melbourne Tropical Fish can provide you with all of the necessary components for making your aquarium a stunning centerpiece or focal point of your home. We’d like to walk you through some of the basic steps that you can take to make the most of your aquatic environment, and then invite you to browse through our selection of supplies and decorations, or to schedule a design consultation with one of our aquarium experts! Hopefully, these suggestions will inspire you to get creative with your aquarium design and decoration, giving you the tools to create the space you’ve dreamed of for your fish.


Start With a Good Foundation

Before you get too far into the design elements of your aquarium, you need to decide on the substrate. The substrate is the material that will be used for the bottom of your aquarium setup. There are several options available, as well as different levels of consistency. Sand substrates tend to be a good option for marine creatures, as opposed to freshwater fish. Although sands are available in several different colors, keep in mind that lighter colored sands tend to take on a sparkly, shimmery effect when immersed in water. Some species of fish require different consistencies of sand. The aquarium experts at Melbourne Tropical Fish can provide you with the appropriate sand for the fish you own.


Freshwater fish can also thrive with a sand substrate, but you have the options for gravel, pebbles, or even polished stones. There are a variety of polished finishes available on stones and pebbles that can make for a very striking aquarium. Do you visualize having a jet-black substrate, or a bright polished ivory substrate? You also have the option to have a pop of color in your substrate with green gravel, blue gravel, or even a polished pink gravel. If you have any questions about how different types of substrates can affect your fish, consult one of our aquarium experts today, and they will help you make the right choice for substrate. 


Decide on Your Theme & Materials

There are several options when deciding on a theme for your aquarium decorative design. Sometimes this can be determined by the decor of your home or the surrounding area of the aquarium. Think about what sort of design elements will complement the environment of the aquarium. Here are some components of design to help you decide on a theme:


Artificial Plants

Including a variety of artificial plants in your aquarium decor can add a nice pop of color. If you’re looking for an organic, natural feel in your design, use plants to your advantage. Plants can help mimic the natural environment of your fish, making it seem like you’ve just plucked a scene out of an aquatic ecosystem and are displaying it for its natural aesthetic beauty. Conversely, we offer several artificial plants in exciting, vibrant colors that you may not find in nature. Vibrant blues, pinks, and reds can create a psychedelic vibe that can be very entertaining to watch and enjoy. 


Decorative Rock

Using stones and rocks in your aquarium decor can be visually intriguing. We offer many different styles and finishes of rock, like Dragon Stone, which looks very volcanic and craggy, Elephant Skin stone for bulky, lighter colored, textured builds, and Seiryu Stone, which provides lots of little nooks and crannies that your fish can explore. Stone can be a powerful visual addition to the interior design of the room in which the aquarium resides. 


Decorative Wood

While decorative wood can be an interesting component in your aquarium decorations on its own, it is also a nice compromise between the organic nature of plants and the static, strong appeal of stone. Driftwood can help convey a sense of a mountain stream or a river that leads to the sea. The organic yet static nature of wood can help create a sense of movement in your aquarium design. 


Artificial Ornaments

This is where you can get really creative and have some fun. With , or artificial decorative items, you can tell a story with your aquarium, add a sense of intrigue, or even incorporate a sense of humor into the scene. For example, we offer a flaming fire skull with orange skin and a decorative replica skull with bejeweled eyes and intricate scrollwork. Added artificial elements can make a huge impact on your aquarium design, and can help communicate many things about who you are as an individual. Have fun and be creative with ornaments!


Blend Elements

You may decide that you want to focus on one primary element for your aquarium decoration, or you may decide that you want to incorporate various elements together. Experiment and brainstorm what you envision for your design, and consider again the space in your home or business that the aquarium will be occupying. Think of how stone and plants can interact in a space, or how you could use stone and wood to create your own mountain scene. Our team of aquarium experts can answer any decor questions you may have, and are also more than happy to provide custom design consultations and assistance. 


Expand Your Design

When you’ve established your design and decoration for your aquarium, it can be beneficial to you to expand your design into the immediate vicinity. If you’ve included primarily stone or wood in your decorations, see how you can use those same materials to decorate the space around the aquarium. This will help to incorporate your aquarium and make it feel like it is a natural part of the room. Doing this will help sell the illusion that you’ve stepped into the ocean or river and are able to admire an aquatic scene you otherwise may never have witnessed. 


Let Us Be Your Experts

If at any time you desire the expertise of our aquarium professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about aquarium design, and would love to set up a consultation about your aquarium project. Get started on your aquarium project, and contact us today at Melbourne Tropical Fish for any of your design needs!


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