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Helpful Tips For Fall Pond Maintenance

Helpful Tips For Fall Pond Maintenance

Fall is officially here! Many people look forward to all that the fall brings, from beautiful colors in nature and cooler temperatures to drinking hot cider and baking delicious treats — fall is a great time of year! For pond owners, however, the crisp temperatures and falling leaves can make this time of year stressful. Don’t let your pond ruin this beautiful time of year, keep your fall stress-free with these pond maintenance tips.


Why Fall Pond Maintenance Is Important

Now that fall is here, if you own a pond you may have noticed that leaves and debris have fallen into the water. This is something that should not be ignored as the natural material can cause build-up, putting the pond pump at risk of clogging. Because leaves will be falling as the temperatures drop, proper care and maintenance are vital to the health of your pond as you head into winter.


Fall Pond Maintenance Tips


Get Rid of Leaves and Debris

Some pond owners don’t have to worry about leaves and other debris getting in their pond during this time of year. Others that live in colder regions or have multiple trees, shrubbery, and other plants nearby may have a more difficult time with the upkeep of their pond. A pond skimmer filter will be able to collect some of this debris, but eventually, they will not be able to keep up, allowing debris and leaves to reach the surface of the pond and begin to decompose. This can produce gases that could potentially be harmful to your fish and plants. One of the best ways to prevent leaves from reaching the bottom of your pond during this time of year is to use a pond net. A net will catch all material as it hits the water, allowing you to remove it easily with a pond skimmer. Before covering your pond with a net, make sure to remove any existing debris in the water. Keeping debris and leaves out of your pond will not only keep it healthy as we head into the winter season, but it will also make your pond maintenance in the spring much easier when you open your pond back up.

Whether your pond is located near trees and plants or not, this time of year is when pond owners should keep on eye on the amount of debris in their pond. To stay healthy, ponds require significantly more maintenance in the fall than they do in the summer. Make sure to quickly check your pond every once and awhile.


Don’t Forget About The Fish!

As we get closer to the winter season, pond fish, including koi, will begin to go into hibernation. During this time, it is important for pond or water garden owners to watch their feedings. When temperatures are between 10 to 16 degrees, feeding should be reduced to once everyone to two days. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees Celsius, it's best to cut off feeding completely. When pond fish are going into hibernation, their digestive systems slow down and feeding them risk health complications or even death. It is a good idea to measure the water’s temperature using a pond thermometer, so you can ensure you’re giving your fish the proper amount of food. If you're not sure how much food to feed your fish in the fall, seek advice from a professional.


Fall is a crucial time to maintain your pond with the number of falling leaves and other debris, in addition to the cooler temperatures. When you’re maintaining your pond or water garden and are in need of pond care products, look no further than Melbourne Tropical Fish! Although we are known for our aquarium supplies, we also carry pond supplies and equipment, whether you need pond treatments or accessories, with our wide selection of products, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you are looking for!


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