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Aquarium Tips from Melbourne Tropical Fish

Aquarium Tips – Here are some tips on keeping your aquarium:

Aquarium Tips from Melbourne Tropical Fish

  • All plain & custom-made aquariums are sold with polystyrene. This must be placed underneath the aquarium otherwise the aquarium can crack or cause stress on the silicone joints.
  • The aquarium must be placed on a completely level surface otherwise stress cracks may occur causing the aquarium to leak.
  • When cleaning the aquarium please make sure you don’t rub along any of the silicone joins with algae pads etc. as this can cause the joins to give way.
  • Try not to place the aquarium in any direct sunlight as this can cause algae blooms within the aquarium.
  • Never spray any fly spray, deodorant etc. around the aquarium as this may poison the fish.
  • Always ensure you have no perfumes, moisturizers etc. on your hands while handling anything to do with the aquarium.
  • Never place the aquarium on top of a fridge, television, stereo etc. as the noise and fluctuation of temperature can harm the fish.
  • Most fish need feeding once a day. If there is any food left after 5 minutes you have fed the fish too much and this food must be removed immediately.
  • If you have a florescent light fitting above the aquarium, we recommend the tube be replaced on a yearly basis as the spectrum of the tube will fade over time. The lighting hours we recommend are between 8-12 hours per day.
  • Always make sure your filter is switched on 24 hours a day and is cleaned out on a regular basis of approximately every 2 weeks. We also recommend a 20-30% water change using a gravel cleaner every 2 weeks. Do not clean your filter out at the same time as doing a water change. If you are using carbon in your filter system make sure that this is replaced at least once every 4-6 weeks as it will start releasing impurities that it has absorbed back into your aquarium. Replace any Course sponges every 4 – 5 months, any fine sponges every 4-8 weeks and replace 1/3 of any biological media every 6-12 months. You should never wash biological media in tap water.
  • The pH of the aquarium should be monitored after every water change. Ask one of our staff members what the pH level should be for your fish.
  • Introduce fish slowly to your new aquarium, never add any more than a few fish every 1-2 weeks, please advise a Melbourne Tropical Fish staff member if your aquarium is newly set up and they will recommend an appropriate number of fish for you to start with.

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