Tetra Vacation 14 Day 30G Slow Release Feeder

Tetra Vacation 14 Day 30G Slow Release Feeder

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Tetra Vacation 14 Day 30g Slow Release Feeder

Tetra Vacation Feeder is a slow release food source that does not pollute or cloud the water.


Tetra Vacation 14 Day Feeder

Gel feeding block for the best provision of fish during an absence for up to 14 days.

For 40-80 litre tanks use 1 block for 14 days
For 80-120 litre tanks use 2 blocks for 14 days
Use 1 block for each 40 litres there after.
Use half the amount for when required for 7 days

  • Healthy nutrition for up to 14 days
  • Patented feeding block with essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and tasty daphnia
  • The Tetra Holiday block is 100% edible
  • Long term solid in the water without polluting the water
  • Easy to dose
  • Number of blocks depends on number and size of fish, days of absence and aquarium size.
  • Existing plaster blocks are “old school” technology that can wreak havoc on your water quality!

    Tetra’s innovative gel feeder block contains no plaster and feeds up to five days with the TetraWeekend, or up to 14 days with the TetraVacation.

    Blended with patented ProCare for optimal health.

     Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein min 48%
  • Crude Fat min 10%
  • Crude Fiber max 1.5%
  • Moisture max 7.0%
  • Phosphorus min 1.1%
  • Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C) min 80 mg/kg