Tetra Baby Shrimp - Sun Dried Gammarus 10G

Tetra Baby Shrimp - Sun Dried Gammarus 10G

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Tetra Baby Shrimp - Sun Dried Gammarus 10g

A premium quality, nutritious supplement ot Tetra primary diets such as TetraMin Flakes.

The combination of foods provides variety in your fish's diet.

Complete Shrimp, Including the shell, are an excellent sourse of roughage to support digestion.

Ideal for nearly all large ornamental fish including Gouramis, Angels and Goldfish.

Feeding Guide:

  • Feed two to threee times a weekin conjuction with other Tetra primary foods like TetraMin.
  • Feed only as much as your fish can consume within several minutes.
  • For smaller fish gently break with your fingers.

  • Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Min Crude Protein: 44%
  • Min Crude Fat 6%
  • Max Crude Fibre 6.5%
  • Max Moisture 14%
  • Min Phosphorus 0.9%

  • Ingredients:

  • Sund Dried Baby Fresh Water Shrimp

  • (Gammarus Pulex) Only