Ocean Nature Salt

Ocean Nature Salt

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Aquasonic has been manufacturing Ocean Nature sea salt in Australia for 35 years. Ocean Nature is used by universities, hobbyists, environmental laboratories, research institutes, live seafood holding systems, public aquariums, retail outlets and quarantine & holding facilities.


Ocean Nature is a balanced formulation & is blended by a unique processing technique with each batch being scientifically tested. An intricate part of the success of Ocean Nature sea salt is the sourcing of the minor & major components of the highest purity The most important contemplation in culturing marine life is consideration of the uncontaminated environment in which marine life evolved. The complete spectrum of elements found in the oceans has been reflected in the manufacture of Ocean Nature.

Ocean Nature dissolves quickly & is ready to use within minutes of mixing. The dehydrated mixture provides excellent value to the user, excess water having been extracted from various salts during the manufacturing process. This process also provides a stable acceptable pH level upon mixing, allowing for immediate use.

Special Characteristics of Ocean Nature:

Australian made by Aquasonic.

No phosphates – No nitrates.

Dissolves very quickly.

Ready for use within minutes.