Ocean Free Betta Flora Tank

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Ocean Free Betta Flora Tank 2L
Hydroponics in a tank!
Betta Flora is a smart hybrid tank system that combines the beauty of aquaria and natural plants to liven and freshen up any living space and offices.
Using a simple overflow system that not only simplifies the task of changing water, any waste nutrients from the fish is also flushed and carried away to the hydroponics compartment where it is absorbed by the hanging plant roots.
Any excess waste water here on flows down to a catchment cup for easy disposal

-Smart hybrid tank system incorporating hydroponics in an aquarium.
-Easy one-step water change using simple overflow concept.
-Utilizes your fish's nutrient-rich waste for plant nourishment!
-Catchment cup allows easy disposal of excess waste water.
-Divider plate allows you to hold two Bettas in one tank for mating purpose.
-Plasic pebble stones included
-Built-in LED lamp in tank cover.
-150mm x 250mm high
-2 Litres
-6 x .24w LED Lights