Fluval Flora Nano Plant Tank

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Fluval Flora Nano Aquatic Plant Kit
A well planted aquarium is one of the most beautiful living ornaments you can have in your home and with Fluval Flora even a novice underwater gardener can keep a stunning planted aquascape with little effort. The Flora aquarium set contains everything you need to start and includes a CO2 system designed to boost conditions for plants to grow lush, vibrant and

The Fluval Flora is a 7.9 Gallon/30 Liter glass aquarium. The included glass cover helps minimize evaporation and maintain stable CO2 levels.

The Fluval Flora internal filter comes equipped with an attached spray bar to diffuse water movement throughout the tank and prevent excessive CO2 escape due to surface agitation.

CO2 System
No discussion of major plant nutrients is complete without the mention of carbon. In fact 40 to 50% of a plant’s dry weight matter is composed of carbon. This key macro element is fortunately easily supplied with a CO2 system, such as the small pressurized convenient disposable systems by Fluval (CO2 20 g and CO2 88 g Kits). Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major nutrient taken in by plants during periods of illumination. CO2 is usually never present in aquariums at a level required by plants, it must be supplemented. The provision of CO2 is the single most important nutrient for aquatic plants that will both enable strong growth and outstanding condition.

Here’s what comes in the Fluval Flora Box:

7.9 Gallon/30 Liter Aquarium with cover
Fluval Fluorescent Light
Flora Internal Filter with spray bar
Fluval CO2 20g Kit
Fluval Plant Stratum substrate
Molded rock background
Planting Tongs
Nutrafin Plant Gro Supplement
Fluval Aquatic Plant Care Guide