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Chihiros B60 Non-Bluetooth 37w

Chihiros B60 Non-Bluetooth 37w

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Introducing the Chihiros B60 LED Aquarium Light – a fantastic choice to make your aquarium look great and keep your fish happy!

Why Choose B60 LED?

  1. Modern and Slim Design: The B60 LED light has a sleek and modern look that adds style to your aquarium. It fits well with any tank and makes your underwater world look amazing.

  2. Fits Different Tanks: It comes with an adjustable mount, so it works for tanks of different sizes, from 60cm to 80cm. This makes it super flexible and easy to use.

  3. Perfect Lighting for Plants: With 48 white and 12 RGB 3in1 LED bulbs, the B60 LED provides a full spectrum of light. This helps plants grow well and keeps your aquarium vibrant and healthy.

  4. Sizes for Every Tank: Whether you have a small 20-30cm tank or a large 120-140cm tank, the B Series LED has different sizes to fit them all.

  5. Adjustable Height for Happy Fish: You can change the height of the light to create a more natural and comfortable setting for your fish. This mimics the sunlight they need for a happy life.

  6. Upgrade with Commander Controller: If you want to take things up a notch, you can get the Chihiros Commander Controller separately. It lets you set different lighting modes like sunrise, sunset, and moonlight for a more realistic feel.

Why B60 LED is a Smart Choice: Choose the Chihiros B60 LED for a cool design, flexibility for different tanks, and lighting that makes your aquarium look awesome. Make your underwater world pop with the B60 LED – a great choice for a happy and stylish aquarium!