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Red Rainbowfish

Red Rainbowfish

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6cm Red Rainbow - Red Rainbow Fish, also known as Glossolepis incisus, are a beautiful species of fish that originate from freshwater rivers in New Guinea. Their vibrant red coloration makes them very attractive in any aquarium setting. They are most active at the upper levels of their habitat and prefer planted tanks with plenty of vegetation for security. Red Rainbows typically stay away from aquatic plants, making them ideal tankmates with other bottom-dwellers.

The Red Rainbow Fish, with its vibrant colouring, is sure to make a majestic addition to any aquarium. It's recommended that they be housed in schools of 10 or more - a school of 20 specimens in a 6-foot tank that is heavily planted would look absolutely stunning! During the day, but especially early morning are the best times to observe their displays as males attempt to attract the attention of the females.

Common Names:  Red rainbowfish, salmon rainbowfish, Irian red rainbowfish, New Guinea rainbowfish, etc.

Type Locality: Irian Jaya Indonesia: Lake Sentani

Preferred Water Chemistry: moderately hard, slightly basic. pH: 7.0-8.0. It will not do well in soft, acidic conditions.


Difficulty: A hardy fish, but sensitive to poor water conditions. Plenty of water changes will help maintain its health and bright colours.

Tank Setup: A large tank is necessary for a school of these heavy-bodied fish. This is not a fish for a 20-gallon community! Tankmates should be of similar size or smaller and peaceful.

Feeding: Primarily a carnivore. A hearty and greedy feeder, this fish will accept all regular aquarium fare.

Breeding: Easy to breed. A spawning mop floating in their tank will soon be full of eggs. Young are small and need tiny foods, but they are easy to raise.


Juveniles and females are olive grey with silver iridescence. At about 2 inches in length the males take on a deep red-orange coloration with gold iridescence. Males also develop a much higher body.